From establishment till today, E-Kalite Software pursued a stable growth curve in revenues and number of employees and continues to implement innovative technologies on the areas of specialization.



With partnership of two computer engineers from METU Computer Engineering, E-Kalite is established with name e-Quality. First project was a pharmaceutical data integration and search based visualization system (PharmaCircle) in USA Chicago, which turned to be a successful business till today.



With the PharmaCircle started to be subscribed by almost all top pharmaceutical companies partnership structure modified and name of company changed to E-Kalite.


Technical Progress

Software engineering methodologies started to be applied in a more strict and mature way. Growing projects required more standardized processes and more complex project management tools started to be used. With standardization of software development process there occurred a dramatic increase in efficiency and quality of product.


Technopolis: Research & Development

Company operations is moved to METU Technopolis. E-Kalite started to cooperate with academicians from METU Computer Engineering department which sparked to include newest methodologies/applications to be encapsulated within Business Intelligence suite.

2011-  .  .  .

Business Intelligence

Projects started to be supported by Turkish the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. In the field of business analytics progress is boosted. There is a real focus on user interface and experience since the product is being used by customers. Latest trends in human computer interaction is being followed.