Pharmaceutical Data Integration

PharmaCircle: Pharmaceutical Data Warehouse

PharmaCircle serves more then 60 different data sources about Pharmaceutical and related industries

Comprehensive Info

Almost all data sources that are have an interest for pharma industry are searchable-reportable-chartable.

Getting the Data

All information about drugs are being filtered into system with data management or automatic/ semi-automatic scrape.


Biggest pharmaceutical corporations that possess block-buster drugs are subscribed to that service.

Details of Info

Details needed for one of the most advanced R&D investigations – new molecule discovery – are supplied.


For usage of scientists modules like molecule, formulation, clinical trials etc. are integrated. Related Video.


To serve business development departments there are modules like company/product compare contrast, sales etc. Related video.

Who is using? Majority of pharmaceutical companies in Fortune 100 list are using PharmaCircle. Totally there are like 100 corporate clients also including some smaller size companies with R&D focus.
Are there substitute products/services? Total number of companies that serve to similar market with similar focus does not exceed 10 since area needs dedication and expertise.
What’s the strength of PharmaCircle against competitors? Third party consultant company reports reveal that PharmaCircle is technologically advanced compared to other services.

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