e-CMS Portal / Content Management System

A portal built upon a strong infrastructure, that can be empowered with new features

Freedom in Design

Any user interface can be applied with e-CMS which has a modular structure in which view part is separate from software.

Dynamic Tables

Information may be shown in dynamic tables, can be searched by column or globally, can be exported. Sample link.


Different data visualization tools may be used. For example charts may be used to show data. Sample link.


Penetration tests are applied periodically. Most attacked website of Turkey was not harmed due to being secure.


Municipality website of a city with population exceeding 5 million or a Web 2.0 project can be fast only by perfect caching.

Control Panel

Advanced yet easy to use control panel makes it easy to operate on website. Content can be edited on-the-fly.

Who may use e-CMS? It’s being used in Ankara Greater Municipality website (ankara.bel.tr) e-CMS, targets corporations with a focus on security and demand a portal with different functionalities.
If design is not provided will E-Kalite offer a user interface? E-Kalite has a network of designers. Client may choose among different design drafts and designer may continue working on the selected.
How is real security assured? System is under periodical penetration tests. If any security flaw is found it’s immediately fixed. Regular patches and approaches are also followed.

For Further Information

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