Big Data

Turboard: Big Data

Innovative NoSQL based BI software module that makes it possible to play with big data with indexing and fast reporting

Web Based

Turboard is completely web based, requires no installation in client computers even if for dashboard creators.


Indexing of big data into NoSQL cores and construction of cubes/facets creates the opportunity to visualize the data.


Software creator license can be obtained or E-Kalite may work with customer IT closely to built the system from scratch and sustain.


e-DAP uses a powerful infrastructure built upon Google’s papers on big-data subject.


E-Kalite had academicians worked on this subject and published articles for national computer engineering symposiums.

Delta Import

Full big data cannot be reindexed from scratch in a meaningful time. Turboard: Big Data indexes only changed parts of data regularly without exploiting resources and performance issues.

Upon which data sources can e-dap work? Turboard Big Data organizes and indexes data from a variety of sources and offers a fast experience.
Is another licensed software required? Unlike many business analytics tools Turboard does not require any 3rd party software license as a prerequisite.
What is the hardware requirements? Unlike expensive vertical scaling, Turboard is scaled horizontally, may use numerous paralleled servers instead of expensive mainframes.

For Further Information

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