Turboard: Business Intelligence Software Suite

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Web based

Turboard is completely web based, requires no installation in client computers even if for dashboard creators.


With an inspiring data visualization, Turboard helps professionals to get the meaning out of data kept within DB’s.


Data kept within traditional databases like MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, MySQL etc. are connected with native connectors, without a loss of performance.

Key Performance Indicators

KPI’s can be set using prebuilt functions or custom coding.

Variety of Reports

User can change the format of reports. Diffent kinds of tables, graphs, data grids may be shown in reports.


Reports are dynamic, that means content of report will be changed with the current data. Report output may be sent periodically.


Some Sample Usage Areas

Visualization of corporate data from CRM/MRP/Portal etc.: Automated tasks for reporting (to C-Level executives) the meaning of data from different softwares built upon different databases like MSSQL, Mysql, Oracle.
Excel reporting: Spreadsheets will not be a sustainable tool for lack of abilities like sharing, data import, advanced reporting. But may be a right tool for entering data, dap will keep the excel files as a source and create advanced reports that can be shared Online.
Staff work time application:For a real example of usage staff work-time application can be given. Data from staff entry system can be automatically reported in various dashboards, by staff or department total hours of work etc.

For Further Information

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