Power Search

Turboard: Power Search

Software creator that connects multiple softwares or data sources to be searched within one interface

Categorical Search

Different sources can be searched in modules, advanced search-report features can be applied.

Document Search

Documents can be searched based on explanations attached. Even document content can be scrapped into search core.

Keyword Search

With one keyword box numerous data modules and fields can be searched. Result will be shown categorically.


Information kept within different data sources, databases even in different places can be searched within one interface.


Corporate data need not be transferred to an external server. Information may be integrated within corporate servers.


Turboard system has regular penetration tests, secure for any kind of attack including data leakage.

Upon which data sources can Turboard Power Search work? Power Search organizes and indexes data from a variety of sources and offers a fast experience.
Is another licensed software required? Unlike many business analytics tools Turboard does not require any 3rd party software license as a prerequisite.
What is the hardware requirements? Unlike expensive vertical scaling, Turboard Power Search is scaled horizontally, may use numerous paralleled servers instead of expensive mainframes.

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